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Capturing service usage and providing the insight
At a glance

There are many factors for making a successful app. Having the insight into the usage of the app is one of the most important ones. Backendless Analytics captures the runtime information and provides that insight. App developers can analyze the usage of the APIs at the service and method level, see the dynamics of the user growth and analyze messaging activity.

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Intuitive API Filtering

The intuitive interface lets you analyze the application traffic, compare successful requests vs the ones resulted in errors. You can see how the clients consume the APIs in order to to extract patterns of the behavior. The API can be filtered by services and individual service methods.

API Consumption by Client Type

You may have multiple implementations of your app on different mobile platforms. Many times you need to know how Android users consume your app and different it is from the iOS implementation. Backendless analytics lets you drill into the data to see how the users of a specific client type use the backend services and APIs.

Error Analysis

See and analyze application errors, know when they occur and for what client types. This can help you identify the problematic areas in the data model, query design, security settings and will ultimately help improving the user experience in your app.

Hosted Services Analytics

API usage analytics is automatically gathered for the microservices deployed with Backendless API Engine. Every microservice operation is automatically monitored and can be inspected and analyzed with Backendless analytics. You can inspect successful vs. error invocations and usage by different client types.

New vs Returning Users

Consistent user growth is a positive metric of a successful application. Backendless tracks the users and differentiates between the ones who used the app before and the new users who just get started with the app.

Rich Media Analytics

Developers of the applications using Backendless Media Service can analyze the usage of the streaming service. Backendless provides historical charts of stream allocation for the the live and on-demand streams.