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Backendless Cloud

Centralized, cloud-based installation of the Backendless Platform

Backendless Cloud runs the latest version of the Backendless Platform. Тhis is a low-cost version of the complete product, which also includes a free plan. All features are enabled and you can easily sign up (no credit card required) to experience the product and start building your applications.

Pricing Info

ABOUT Backendless Cloud

Free to Low Cost

Getting started with Backendless Cloud is easy, you can register and start building your app on the free plan. You can experience all the features of the platform. Upgrade to our reasonably priced plans when your application starts using more server resources.


Trusted by Thousands

Tens of thousands of developers from all over the world trust Backendless Console with their applications. Our customers range from solo developers to major Fortune 1000 corporations.


Release History

Bring the power of Serverless into your Backendless apps. The AWS Lambda integration makes it super simple to create Backendless native client libraries enabling seamless integration between your mobile app and logic in Lambda.



Complete Platform

Backendless Cloud is a complete installation of the Backendless Platform. It includes all platform elements including mobile backend as a service, hosting, API Services engine and the Marketplace.

Easy to Start With

Getting started with Backendless Cloud is very easy - the registration is free, no credit card is required. Since the installation of the product is located in the cloud, you do not need to download anything except for the client SDKs.

Multiple Pricing Plans

Backendless Cloud starts with the free plan and also includes several pricing plans to choose from. Each plan has its own functional limits. The limits of the paid plans can be increased with purchases from the Marketplace.

Always Up To Date

Backendless Cloud is regularly updated and always contains the latest version of the platform. It is the first product in the Backendless family of products where developers can experience the latest and greatest platform features.

Customize with Marketplace

A Backendless backend can be customized with products available in the Marketplace. These include API services, code generators and project templates. Additionally, the Marketplace contains function packs which can increase the limits of the paid Backendless plans.