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Custom Business Logic

Your App Logic on Backendless Servers
At a glance:

Backendless makes it trivially simple to deploy custom business logic on the server-side. Doing so gives you the power to centralize application logic and extend/override the default services behavior. The custom server-side code framework in Backendless lets you build API event handlers and scheduled tasks (timers). The API handlers extend the built-in services and can completely change the default implementations. The scheduled tasks run your server-code with any kind of schedule you define. Custom Business Logic in Backendless is by far one of the most exciting features of the platform.

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Server Code Assistant

Backendless provides an elaborate framework for adding custom business logic on the server-side. You do not need to have any in-depth knowledge about the framework to enhance the backend with your code. We offer a very easy-to-use code assistant which generates all the required framework code, all that is left for you to do is to add your business logic.

Create an Event Handler with 2 Clicks

Most of the custom business logic can be added as event handlers which are plugged into the Backendless API handling chain. Creating an event handler is very easy using Management Console – it takes just a few clicks and provides a specialized interface for all available API operations.

Complete API Customization

Every single API in Backendless can be overridden or expanded with your own code. Whether it is additional user or data object validation upon saving to the database, notification when a file is uploaded or a preliminary check when a push notification is sent out, all of it can be handled in a special way in your code.

Custom Timers

In addition to API event handlers, Backendless also lets you create scheduled jobs – blocks of code which are executed accordingly to a schedule you define. The system is very flexible – you can schedule a one-time execution of your code in the future or defined a job which runs periodically on daily, weekly or monthly basis. The flexibility is unmatched, for example your code could run every day, or every other week or first and last weekend in March and June. Best of all you can define your schedule with an easy to use graphical interface.

Backendless API in Your Server Code

Quite often custom business logic needs to access application data. It can be done using none other but the same Backendless API you use to build your client-side app, except you would use in the server-side code. You do not need to learn anything new – all the capabilities in our SDK are available for use in custom server-side code.

Local Server Code Debugging

Developing custom code which runs in the cloud presents a challenge – you need to deploy the code into the cloud to see it working. With Backendless you do not need to do that – we provide a powerful set of tools for developers so you can debug your custom code locally, on your own computer. You can set breakpoints and instrument all parts of the code. What makes it even more powerful is when your code runs locally, it is still plugged into the API invocation handling in the cloud.

Integrated Logging

Your custom server-side code can generate logging events to keep audit records or for additional debug and diagnostics purposes. Backendless SDK includes a versatile logging capability which can be used in your custom business logic.

Manage Custom Code in Production

Once the custom business logic is deployed into the cloud, the Backendless management console provides a way to control the execution of your code. Any event handler or timer can be easily enabled, disabled or completely removed from the production environment.