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From Code to Service

Instantly turn your code into API microservices
Within seconds you can turn your Java code into a microservice with its own API which is derived from the code. The system instantly generates client-side SDKs as well as REST API and documentation. Without writing a single line of code your micro service can be tested and you can inspect JSON requests and responses. Backendless automatically provisions the service and makes it a part of your backend application. As the service is consumed by the clients, Backendless gathers usage analytics where you can see the usage at the method level.
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Instant Microservices

It takes only a few clicks to deploy your Java code and turn it into a service with a complete set of APIs. The requirements for Java code are extremely flexible, API Engine can process virtually any Java class designated to become a service. The generated APIs enable Android, iOS, Window Phone and JavaScript developers to consume the service methods. Additionally, there is a powerful REST interfaces created by introspecting service methods and using an intuitive naming convention. As a service author, you do not need to know anything about REST or any mobile programming, API Engine does it all for you.

Generated SDKs and APIs

API Engine instantly creates service APIs and packages them into SDKs for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, JavaScript and ActionScript. The client-side APIs are intuitive and very easy to use. The approach follows the paradigm of invoking a remote service as if it is a local object. Backendless maintains the fidelity between the types used by the remote method arguments and generates the corresponding types for each client-side SDK.

Single Step Deployment

Deploying a service into Backendless API Engine is very straight-forward. All it takes is packaging a JAR (Java archive) and uploading it to API Engine using the Backendless Console.


API Engine lets you deploy multiple versions of the same service. Each version runs independently of each other. The generates APIs and REST endpoints include the service version number thus making it easy to differentiate multiple service versions on the client-side. The service runtime also creates a clean separation by using intelligent sandboxing between different versions of the service.

Integrated Analytics

Whether you work with a hosted or imported service, API Engine captures service’s usage in the Backendless analytics engine. All service invocations can be viewed and analyzed in Backendless console. Provided information includes service consumption by different client types, method-level analysis and error reports.

Support for Java Dependencies

The services you deploy into API Engine may have other dependencies such as frameworks, libraries or external modules. When deploying a service, you can package all the dependencies along with the service compiled code.

Interactive API Test Drive

Backendless API Engine leverages Swagger’s API test drive, which is a powerful tool enabling method inspection and invocation of the deployed services. The tool lets you see the endpoint URIs for each method, inspect request headers, invoke any method with user defined arguments and see the service response.