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Adding the sense of location to your users and data
At a glance:

Backendless Geolocation is a system facilitating development of location-aware applications. Using geolocation an application can instantly add the concept of location to anything it operates on – users, data objects, files or places of interest. The system includes intuitive APIs available for all major mobile operating systems as well as REST interface. Geolocation comes with a highly intuitive management console enabling management and administration of the data and security policies.

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The Power of Geo Metadata

Add any arbitrary metadata to your geopoints to add semantical value to the locations. The metadata is searchable and can be managed with either API or management console. Search for geopoints in a radius or a rectangular area by using metadata filters in your queries.

Location Data Management

See all of your geopoints and perform all management functions using simple and intuitive interface. Creating new categories, importing and exporting geo points, perform test searches, establish geo-to-data relations and manage backend security can be done with just a few clicks.

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Search in Radius

Does your app need to locate points of interest, available cars or people within a distance from a point? The “search in radius” API makes it trivially simple. You can narrow down search results, by using additional SQL queries and specific geo categories.

SQL-driven Search

Use the standard SQL syntax to search the geolocation data in your backend using Geolocation API. There is no need to learn new, unfamiliar or a proprietary way to express your queries. Test and debug search queries using Backendless console. The SQL search can be used when looking for geopoints in a radius or a rectangular area.

Security and Permissions

Assign permissions for using the geolocation API to application users and roles. Backendless supports a hierarchal permission scheme that supports even the most complex security scenarios. Geolocation permissions can be assigned globally or for individual geo categories.

Geo Clustering

Your app may operate on a vert large number of geolocation data. To optimize the performance of your mobile application, Backendless provides a built-in support for geolocation clustering. Your app can request the backend to group the geopoints into “clusters” – a grouping of geopoints located within specific proximity from each other.

Client Code/App Generation

See the API in action without writing a single line of code. Backendless Code Generator creates a complete project – mobile or browser-based – which can run out of the box without any coding. Experience the power of the Geolocation API and build new great apps on top of it.

Geopoint to Data Object Relations

Your application can use the API to easily attach one or more data objects to a geopoint. When a geopoint is retrieved from the backend, the related data objects become available for further processing by the application logic. Manage these relations using Backendless console – you can declare and establish connections between geopoints and data objects, perform queries and edit object correlations.

Geofencing Manager

Geofencing lets you define geographic areas with special rules and programmable actions. The actions are executed when geopoints enter, stay within the boundaries or leave a geofence. Backendless provides a complete management interface for drawing and configuring geofences, setting up actions and monitoring a geofence activity.

Geofencing Events and Actions

Backendless geofences support three distinct events. They are triggered by a geopoint entering a geofence boundary, staying within geofence for a preconfigured amount of time and leaving the geofence. When an event occurs, your application can rely on the Backendless API to execute custom logic. Alternatively, the system can be configured to automatically execute actions for each of the events.

Geofence Monitoring

Backendless can monitor device location for a geofence on the client-side or on the backend. Both scenarios can trigger geofence events and execute actions. The server-side geofence monitoring is completely automatic – it only requires that the geopoints are updated in the Backendless storage. The client-side monitoring provides more control for the application.

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