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Graphical File Manager

Making your remote file storage as close the local one

Managing your Backendless file space is as simple as working with the local one. Our graphical file manager is packed with features to empower you and provide you with the topmost user experience. Whether it is uploading files or creating them with a built-in editor, archiving directories or establishing permissions – the file manager makes these tasks trivially simple.

Browse all features or select one to view

Browse all features or select one to view

Ease of Use

The guiding principal for Backendless Hosting is keeping things simple. As a result, ease-of-use is extremely important for us. All file storage-related operations can be easily accessed through Backendless Console. Uploading and downloading files, viewing directory listings, setting up permissions or editing files, you can perform all of these right from your browser.

Built-in Editor

Creating new and editing existing files in Backendless hosting can be done right from the browser. Backendless console includes an intuitive online editor with a variety of features, including syntax highlighter, line numbering, collapsable XML/HTML and code blocks. The editor can also verify syntax for known file types like HTML, XML and JavaScript and inform about errors in the documents and code.

Compress/Uncompress Directories

Directory compression creates a zip archive. This can be done with a single click in Backendless console. Created file is placed right in the file storage. Archives can be uncompressed just as easily – Backendless supports multiple compression formats.

Permission Management

File manager includes a permission module which lets you control access to files and directories for the application’s users and roles. Using a simple mechanism you can assign permissions to upload, download and delete files. Permissions assigned to roles automatically apply to all users who belong to the role. Likewise, a permission assigned to a directory, automatically applies to all the files located in it.

Many Ways to Add Files

File manager makes it very easy to add files to your Backendless file storage. You can create files using the built-in file editor, upload individual files or commit files using git integration.

File Download

As the owner of the file storage you get a special privilege to download any file located in it regardless of the assigned permissions. File manager lets you download files direct or copy a public URL which would be subject to user/roles-based security permissions.