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Instant API Generation

Generate native mobile APIs without any mobile knowledge

The time it takes to create a multi-platform client-side API for your code is measured by how fast you can click the “Deploy” button. API Engine instantly generates a microservice from your code, creates native client-side code which connects with the APIs and packages the code into downloadable SDKs. At the same time, the REST interface is published and also becomes available.

Browse all features or select one to view

Browse all features or select one to view

Native mobile SDKs

API Engine generates native mobile APIs and packages them into SDKs for all major mobile operating systems. The created SDKs include the generated source code and any dependent libraries. The structure of the client APIs closely reflects the service methods – the client’s API code is a direct client-side mapping of the service methods, arguments and returns types. API Engine hides all the complexity of mapping Java server code to the languages the service author may not be familiar with.

REST IntelliSense

API Engine uses a simple, but effective service method naming convention to generate REST endpoints. Method’s name and arguments are analyzed to determine the most appropriate HTTP command and server route to represent the service operation.

See Your API in Action

Backendless API Engine leverages Swagger’s API test drive, which is a powerful tool enabling method inspection and invocation of the deployed services. The tool lets you see the endpoint URIs for each method, inspect request headers, invoke any method with user defined arguments and see the service’s response. Being able to see the service in action before any client code is written, ensures the client-server integration is done exactly to the specification.

Object-oriented Client Code

The client-side APIs are intuitive and very easy to use. The approach follows the paradigm of invoking a remote service as if it is a local object. API Engine generates client-side types mapped to the corresponding server classes for every method argument of the deployed services. The generated code maintains the fidelity between the types used by the remote method arguments and the code created for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and JavaScript.

Multi-Version Runtime

API Engine lets you deploy multiple versions of the same service. Each version runs independently of each other. The generates APIs and REST endpoints include the service version number thus making it easy to differentiate multiple service versions on the client-side. The service runtime also creates a clean separation by using intelligent sandboxing between different versions of the service.