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Media Streaming

Backendless makes it as simple as possible to turn your mobile app into a broadcasting station. Our SDKs for iOS and Android include powerful APIs to add media publishing and streaming capabilities with just a few lines of code. The system automatically transcodes media content to enable cross-platform playback. Media service is tightly integrated with Backendless Hosting to provide storage for recording and streaming of the on-remand content. Most importantly, the backend system automatically scales to handle increasing media traffic.

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Cross-platform Streaming

Backendless ensures cross-platform delivery of audio and video streams. For example, your iOS version of the app can be broadcasting a video and the Android app will be able to play it without any problems. This applies to both live and on-demand media content.

Ready To Use Media Backend

Media streaming is a complex function. However, with Backendless, the server side is ready to broadcast or record videos from Android and iOS devices with just a few lines of code in your app. The infrastructure is always available and completely frees you up from the complicated tasks such as media server setup for transcoding, configuration for live or on-demand streaming.

Publish Live from iOS and Android

Live streaming API is built into Backendless SDKs for iOS and Android. The capabilities include switching between front and back cameras, bandwidth, quality and resolution control.

Create Video on Demand

There are multiple ways to create video-on-demand. Your app can use the publishing API to record video from the device’s camera or video files can be uploaded using Backendless console. Either way, once a video is recorded or uploaded, it immediately becomes available for the playback for all application clients.

Powerful Stream Management

Control your streams right from Backendless console where you can watch streams, configure streaming parameters and assign user/role-based permissions.

Play Video Everywhere

Whether is is a live stream or an on-demand (recorded) video, our SDKs provide the API for cross-platform playback of the media content. The server automatically transcodes your videos to ensure they can be played on the device or the computer.

Instant On-Demand Media Deployment

Creating an on-demand stream is just as simple as uploading a video file to Backendless File Hosting. We automatically recognize it as media content and make it instantly available for playback. Backendless supports multiple video formats and provides dynamic transcoding to accommodate protocols supported by different operating systems.

Client Code/App Generation

If you are not sure how to get started or would like to see Backendless Media Service in action without writing any code, our powerful code generator comes to the rescue. With just a few clicks, it creates a fully functional streaming and playback apps so you can easily experience our APIs. The code we generate can also be used in your apps as the basic framework for using the Media Service APIs.