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Mobile Code Generation

At a glance

Backendless code generator can help you get started with mobile development in just a few clicks. Supported client-side environments include Android, iOS, JavaScript and ActionScript. Developers can generate simple “starter” projects which are pre-configured with all the required dependencies or select from a variety of options for desired output of the code generator. For example, one can generate and download a fully functional chat app which uses the Backendless Publish/Subscribe API or a video broadcasting app.

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Multiple Client Types

Instantly generate client-side code demonstrating Backendless features for a variety of client-side environments, including Android, iOS and JavaScript. The system generates complete projects, with source code, project files and all required dependencies. You should be able to download, compile and run the code to experience a feature without any modifications at all.

Generate Starter Projects

You can generate minimally required starter projects which are configured to work with Backendless out of the box. They include all the required dependencies and application initialization code. Backendless can generate starter project for XCode, IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm and Eclipse.

Registration and Login

Creating user registration form for your app has not beed simpler. Declare user properties in your Backendless backend and with a single click you get complete code with user registration form integrated with your backend. Zero lines of code written by hand. The same is true for user login, including login with Facebook and Twitter. Anyone saying it takes more than 5 minutes to write user registration and login are wasting their time.

Data Management Code

Odds are you will be storing data in the Data Service. Even though our Data APIs are already very easy to use, the code generator makes it even simpler. The system generates a client-side library which uses our APIs and provides an object-oriented view of your data model. You do not need to write code for the classes representing tables – the code generator does it for it. On top of this, we generate a sample app that demonstrates how to use the generated code in action. Run the app and see the power of Backendless CRUD.

Generate Chat Apps

Publish/Subscribe messaging and push notifications can be a great fit for creating chat apps. This is exactly what our code generator does – with just a few clicks you get a fully functional Android or iOS chat app.

Geo Browser

Developers creating geolocation apps can see the power of the Backendless Geoservice API by generating a sample geo browser. It is a mobile app that can perform geo searches and visualize the results on the map. It is very useful if you are just getting started with the Geo API or need help debugging a query.

Video Broadcaster and Player

What could be simpler than building a video chat app without writing a single line of code? Using Backendless code generator does just that – you get a fully functional video publisher and video streaming apps, ready to perform video chat on iOS and Android.

Generate File Management Apps

Backendless Hosting offers a powerful file management API. The code generator can output a sample app which demonstrates file upload and other APIs for managing directories and files in a Backendless Hosting account.