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Backendless Pro

Backendless Platform, right on your computer, absolutely limitless.

Backendless Pro is an edition of the Backendless Platform which can be installed anywhere - developer's computer, private data center, public cloud. The product has no functional limitations whatsoever and can easily scale to handle very high transactional volume.


ABOUT Backendless Pro

Quick Start Guide

Download, install and start building your apps with Backendless Pro running on your computer.



Backendless Pro is available via native installers for Linux, Mac OS and Windows. Additionally, we offer pre-packaged Virtual Machines and Cloud images.



Everything you wanted to know about Backendless Pro is available in the product documentation.



Run anywhere

Backendless Pro is universally available with native installers for Linux, Mac OS and Windows. The entire product stack can be easily launched as a virtual machine or started with images prepackaged for Amazon Web Services, Google and Oracle Cloud Platforms.

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Limitless Backendless

Backendless Pro has no functional limits. That means unlimited number of API calls, there are no thresholds on the number of API calls/second. You can create development teams, send unlimited number of push notifications, configure data retrieval page size, store unlimited number of objects in data tables, expand your file storage any time you need it. Endlessly backendless!

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Built to scale

Scalability is a part of the design and the overall architecture of the Backendless technology. Every moving part of the platform can be clustered to increase product's capability to handle ever increasing traffic. Whether it is the web tier responsible for processing of the API and console requests, or the app server or the data tier, each tier of the product supports horizontal scaling.

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Open-source client SDKs

App developers working with Backendless Pro can use the same Backendless SDKs we publish for our Cloud solution. All SDKs are open source, well documented and include numerous examples.

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Backendless Marketplace access

Your backend powered by Backendless Pro can be further enhanced through the Marketplace purchases. Even though you run your own dedicated and isolated installation, it can still receive API services, database connectors and code generators from the centrally located Backendless Marketplace.

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Professional Support

Backendless Pro is a complex platform. A simple installation consists of half a dozen worker processes. With the added complexity of the client-side APIs, odds are you might need to ask for help. The good news is professional support is included with every licensed Backendless Pro installation.

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Backendless Pro FAQ

To evaluate the Backendless technology it is recommended to start with Backendless Cloud. With that option you do not need to download and install Backendless Pro and can get a feel of Backendless. Once you understand how Backendless works and decide to proceed with the Pro edition, we offer a short-term, free license to allow for staging and initial setup. Once the product is configured and is up and running, you would need to arrange a permanent license
Backendless Pro requires a license key for continuous operation for both development and production purposes. Without a license key the product runs for two hours in a single-threaded mode.
Your application's users, data, geopoints and files can be migrated from the Cloud deployment to Pro using the export/import function built-into Backendless console.
Yes, Backendless Pro is the same product as Backendless Cloud, but it is packaged for private deployments. The only features not supported by Backendless Pro are Media Service and JavaScript-based server-side business logic.
Unlike Backendless Cloud which imposes functional limits, Backendless Pro has no limits whatsoever. This applies to API requests/second (unlimited in Backendless Pro), how many push notifications can be sent, how many custom security roles can be created, how many objects can be stored in data tables. With Backendless Pro, all these restrictions are removed from the product.