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Publish/Subscribe Messaging

Pub/Sub messaging is a common pattern where publishers (senders of a message) and subscribers (recipients) communicate without knowledge of each other through a separate message brokering mechanism. Messaging is a great fit for applications requiring broadcast of important information and data updates, synchronization of context in games, trading systems and chat applications. Backendless provides the APIs and the message routing/brokering functionality for receiving messages from publishers, processing them and subsequently delivering to subscribers. The system supports message filtering and conditional message delivery using subtopics and query-based subscriptions. Additionally, developers can override default message routing algorithm with custom business logic.

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Cross-Platform Message Delivery

Backendless is a polyglot platform. The data we process is automatically morphed to adapt to the client-side environment in the most natural way. This also applies to our implementation of the publish/subscribe messaging. When your Android app publishes a message which may contain some very complex data structure defined as a Java object, Backendless automatically morphs it to a JSON object for JavaScript and REST clients, a native Objective-C or Swift object for iOS clients or a .NET type for Windows Phone apps. A developer does not need to write any special code as your app automatically receives the adapted messages.

Powerful Data Broadcast

Publish messages so they can be delivered everywhere: mobile devices, browsers, desktop apps and standalone server-side programs. An easy to use API supports it all: conditional and unconditional delivery, topic-based subscriptions and SQL-based selectors for message filtering. A single message can be delivered as a broadcast to a plethora of subscribers, there is no limit on how many your app may have.

Conditional Subscriptions

Intelligent message delivery is a common requirement of modern apps. Backendless API supports a powerful mechanism for expressing interest in receiving messages of specific type or content. Using subtopics and selectors, publishers and subscribers in Backendless-powered apps can intelligently exchange messages. A subscriber can request to receive only the messages that satisfy a query or published to a hierarchy of subtopics.

Push vs Poll

Backendless supports two mechanisms for the delivery of pub/sub messages. A developer can choose between the polling approach, where the app sends periodic requests to grab published messages or, alternatively, it can revert to using push notifications to achieve the same result.

Great for Games

Publish/subscribe messaging with the capabilities for intelligent message routing is an excellent fit for online, multiplayer games. Backendless API is universally available in the native and REST formats and thus can be used to connect online game players. Supported use-cases include exchanging game status messages, in-game context synchronization and player chat.

Online Message Publishing

Backendless Console includes a simple, but powerful interface for publishing messages. You can enter your message content, set the publisher ID and add message headers. The interface lets you identify the message as a broadcast and also mark it as a push notification.

Instant Mobile Chat

Backendless code generator instantly creates a fully functional chat application that demonstrates the power of publish/subscribe messaging. Without writing a single line of code, you can experience the API and see it in action on your mobile devices.

Customizable with Custom Business Logic

Custom business logic support is what makes our publish subscribe messaging infinitely more powerful than any alternative solution. You can publish messages from a background job (Backendless Timers) or you can inject your own server-side logic for any Backendless API and send messages from there. Additionally, the publishing API itself can be customized with business logic to alter the default behavior of Backendless itself – for instance, it can change message content or the scope of delivery.