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Push Notifications

Instant app to user communication
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Push Notifications let you engage the users of your app even when they are not running it. There are different ways to bring important information to the users: deliver informational through popups, play sounds or update badge counters. Backendless makes it very simple to schedule or instantly deliver your push notifications to all major mobile platforms and devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Amazon Fire.

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Send Notifications from Client or Server

The API for sending push notifications is available in all client SDKs supported by Backendless as well as the REST API. Additionally, the functionality is available for custom server-side code which runs on Backendless servers. This allows for ultimate flexibility with logic for publishing push notifications – both use-cases, centralized on the server and decentralized on the client, can be supported through our APIs.

Cross Platform Push

It takes one universal API to deliver push notifications to a variety of devices with different operating systems. Backendless provides seamless integration with Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), Apple Push Notification Service (APNS), Windows Push Notifications (WNS) and Amazon Push Notifications. Backendless encapsulates the integration logic with each of these service provides and hides the complexity and differences thus making it trivially easy for developers to send out cross-platform push notification messages.

Scheduled Notifications

When it is important that a notification is issued at a certain point of time in the future, you can use the scheduled push notification option in Backendless API. This functionality can be useful when setting up marketing campaigns or scheduling reminders.

Badges, Popups and Sounds

Push notifications come in different forms, shapes and even sounds. Developers using Backendless API have complete control of how a push notification is presented to the end user. Despite that support for different form factors varies between service providers and operating systems, Backendless provides simple, consistent and unified API for handling all possible forms of notifications.

Group Broadcasts

Similarly to targeting specific users, Backendless Push Notification API lets you target groups of devices. For instance it is trivial to send a notification to only Android devices running your app. Devices can be grouped by operating system or other criteria.

Target Specific Users

Push notifications can be delivered to specific users thus making it a very effective communication tool. The API lets you identify a specific user of the application and deliver a completely custom notification for each and every one of them.

Customize with Your Business Logic

Custom business logic support is what makes our push notifications infinitely more powerful than any alternative solution. You can publish push notifications from a background job (Backendless Timers) or you can inject your own server-side logic for any Backendless API and publish notifications from there. Additionally, the publishing API itself can be customized with business logic to alter the default behavior of Backendless itself – for instance, it can change the content of message or the scope of delivery.

Built to Scale

Our system can handle an insanely high number of messages. We architected Backendless so it does not have a single point of failure and will automatically scale out in order to deliver your push notifications in the most effective manner. The backend system intelligently processes push notification requests in a massively concurrent fashion to avoid delays and minimize the errors.

Online Message Publishing

Backendless Console includes a simple, but powerful interface for publishing push notifications to all or a subgroup of devices. The interface lets you configure the form factor of the push notification (popup, badge or sound) and pass custom headers.

Device Management

Using Backendless Console you can see and manage the devices registered to receive your app’s push notifications. The administrative interface provides controls for sending notifications to the selected devices or completely canceling device registrations.