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Scripting with Node.js

Develop dynamic content and services with JavaScript and Node.js
Deploy your own JS code along with Node modules to add custom server-side logic to your mobile or web applications. Secure script execution with Backendless user/role-based security. Edit scripts with an online editor to make immediate changes.
Browse all features or select one to view

Browse all features or select one to view

Instant Deployment

Every Backendless backend is preconfigured with a complete installation of Node.js seamlessly integrated into the application. Deployment of JavaScript code is as simple as uploading of the files with the code or creating them using the built-in online editor. As soon as a JS file is created in the Backendless Hosting file storage, it can be executed by issuing an HTTP request.

Online JavaScript Editor

Backendless console includes a powerful online code editor for writing new or modifying existing JavaScript code. The editor features syntax highlighting as well as basic syntax checking which provides visual feedback about errors. Code blocks can be collapsed or expanded to make it easier to focus on a specific part of the code.

Manage Permissions

File manager includes a permission module which lets you control access to your JavaScript code for the application’s users and roles. Using a simple mechanism you can assign permissions to execute POST, GET and DELETE requests. Permissions assigned to roles automatically apply to all users who belong to the role. Likewise, a permission assigned to a directory, automatically applies to all the scripts located in it.

git Integration

Backendless Hosting file storage can be enabled for git integration with a single click in Backendless console. Once enabled, the storage acts as a git repository with automatic mirroring between the git repo and the file listing accessible via console and dedicated file URLs. Any files and directories committed via git are automatically available for editing in console and download via API. Similarly, a file uploaded via API or console is automatically pushed into the git repository.

Deploy Node Modules

The node.js support in Backendless allows deployment of any node modules the code depends on. This provides for a super flexible environment capable to run virtually any Node.js backend application.

Power of Backendless API

Node.js scripts deployed to Backendless Hosting storage get automatic reference to the Backendless API. It means no additional loading of the Backendless libraries is required. The Backendless app initialization is also automatic. All the capabilities of the Backendless SDK for JavaScript are includes and can be leverages in the code. This includes complete APIs for user and data management, publish/subscribe messaging, push notifications, file handling and geolocation.