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Usage Analytics

See and analyze the consumption of the service APIs

From the moment API Engine turns your code into a microservice, Backendless turns on service usage tracking. The information is automatically integrated into the Backendless Console’s analytics module. Developers can see the service usage and perform various drill-downs to learn how individual client types use the service’s API.

Browse all features or select one to view

Browse all features or select one to view

Hosted and Imported Services Analytics

API usage analytics is automatically captures for the microservices deployed with Backendless API Engine. Every microservice operation is automatically monitored and can be inspected and analyzed with Backendless analytics. You can see service consumption by different client types, analyze usage at the method level and inspect successful vs. error invocations.

Method level usage analytics

Every service method invocation is independently tracked and can be analyzed in Backendless Analytics. You can get the usage of any specific method over time and compare its consumption between different client types. For the services with multiple versions, the analytics interface makes it easy to differentiate the methods for each version.

API consumption by client type

Services deployed into API Engine can be accessed by different client types. The REST interface is available for all clients, additionally, there are native APIs for all major mobile operating systems. The analytics interface lets you drill down the analysis to visualize service consumption only for specific client types.

Error analysis

See and analyze application errors, know when they occur and for what client types. This can help you identify potential problematic areas in the service implementation, security settings or external dependencies and will ultimately help improving the user experience in your app.