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User Management

At a glance:

Backendless User Management is a system enabling user authentication and data storage for user accounts. The system provides a set of APIs facilitating user registration process, authentication, password management and user profile editing. Backendless provides a choice between internal authentication or integration with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts. Using Backendless console application developers can manage all aspects of users accounts – change user properties, reset the password, enable or disable users.

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User Listing

Get a listing of all your users in one place. It contains all management functions right at your fingertips.

User Property Management

User properties typically map to the registration form in your app. You can easily control user identity, required and optional data, add new properties. Configure default values and data validators.

Enable/Disable Users

Changing user’s status is as simple as it gets. Once a user is disabled, they will not be able to login to your application.

Create New Users

Creating a new user can be done in your app using registration API or in Backendless console.

Social Logins

Backendless includes integration with all major social networks. Adding social login can be accomplished with a few lines of code.

Session Control

Intuitive session control – set the timeout value and Backendless will handle the rest.

Multiple Logins

Support for concurrent logins by multiple users using the same credentials is available for your backend out of the box.

Password Reset

Users can change their password using the API. Application developers rely on the ease-of-use of Backendless console to reset user passwords.


A user account may have related data such as geolocation or other data objects. Backendless data relations significantly enrich your application and help you map the data model to resemble the real world scenarios.

Data Validation

All user properties can be automatically validated using built-in validators or custom regular expressions. Validation occurs for the User Registration API or profile updates.

Export/Import User Data

Backendless data belongs to you and we make it trivially easy to export it from the system and populate your app with external data.